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Passive Baluns


Why is my passive balun not working when an active balun works in the same application?


Passive Baluns, such as Vanco Part #s 280552 and 280517 are HDMI Extenders over Dual Cat 5e, or Dual Cat 6 cables. They are passive devices and are powered by the 5 volt HDMI signal produced by a Blu-Ray player’s HDMI output port, HDMI outputs from cable or satellite receivers/DVRs, or HDMI outputs from HDMI Splitters, or HDMI Matrix Switches. The installer, or user, of this passive extender device should verify that the source products being connected to it actually produce a 5 volt HDMI signal. This is particularly important if a receiver is in the system since some of these do not amplify the HDMI signal, or may have a lower voltage output.

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